Who We Service:

  • Model Homes

  • Inventory/Spec Homes

  • Short Term Rentals

  • Commercial Spaces/Offices

  • Commercial Carpet and Window Cleaning, Power Washing, Pest Control

 Cleaning and Janitorial

We vacuum, polish bathrooms and kitchens, dust, sweep, mop, etc.  Our crews are vetted and our picky inspectors verify thier work!  We also offer final post-construction cleaning, pressure washing, and delivery of light bulbs and paper goods.

Carpet Cleaning

Quarterly cleaning will reduce the amount of dirt and debris that is ground into the carpet fibers, and increase the life of the carpet.

Steam cleaning is done using a truck mount system by our professional carpet cleaner. 

We use special techniques to remove difficult stains.

The carpet professional may need to lower the temperature of the building to reduce humidity and speed up the drying process.


Window Cleaning

Recommended monthly or bi-monthly to remove unsightly water spots and dirt caused by rain, wind storms, and sprinkler systems.

Clean and crisp windows on a model or spec home will greatly improve a potential buyer’s first impression.

 A/C Filter

Filter replacement is very important:

  • Energy costs will be reduced.

  • The model will be cleaner by removal of excess dust in the air.

  • The vents will be cleaner, thus giving a better overall look to the space.

RCS can change your air filters for you!

During our monthly inspections, correct air filter sizes will be delivered to your model and installed by one of our trained professionals.

Our rate for changing air filters is $20 per address and $4.50 per filter.

Arrange for RCS to change out your filters, and you will never have to worry about them again.

This service is recommended monthly.

Pest Control

Should be performed on a quarterly basis.

There are several levels of pest control:

Basic - pesticides are sprayed in a six foot perimeter around the exterior of the home, and at all entry points such as doors, windows, weep holes, and plumbing areas. This will greatly reduce the pest population that enters the location. This treatment level effectively treats ants, gnats, centipedes, millipedes, pantry pests and silverfish.

Advanced – this level of treatment includes the same service as the basic level, but increases the amount of pesticide used to eliminate hard to kill pests such as scorpions, carpet beetles, cockroaches, crickets, fleas, pill bugs, spiders, and such.

Flying insects – treatment specifically of wasp nests, hornet nests, and bee hives located on eaves, fences, and exterior porches.