What I appreciate most about Reliable is that if there’s a problem (rarely) I can call and they take care of it. They don’t back down…in fact they’re very proactive. I believe that they truly think that my models are a representation of them. They’re always looking for ways to make our models look better!
— Kent Zarbock Vice President, Sales and Marketing D.R. Horton
Pete Wainscott, who owns Reliable, has been doing business with me for years. I have found him to not only be fair in his pricing structure, but have found that he will go above and beyond to make sure the job is done right. You might be able to find other cleaning companies with similar resumes but Pete goes the extra mile. That extra effort doesn’t end with your needs but is extended to the communities needs as well. Having sat on several charitable boards myself including my current tenure with Austin Children’s Shelter, I greatly appreciate the amount of time and money he puts back into the community thru his support of Austin charities such as Mobile Loaves and Fishes. It has always been a bonus for me knowing that part of the money I was paying his company was going to help charities we all believe in. I hope you will consider Pete for all of your cleaning needs in your new venture.
— Wes Peoples
WE heart Pete and his team.
Out of all my vendors, they surpass everyone in customer service.
I only get good feedback from my team, never the alternative and I cannot say that about anyone else!

Plus their team gets involved in the community and it always motivated us and we join in, which in turn we have gotten some good PR from it!
— Kristin T. France, Marketing Manager at Taylor Morrison
Pete and his team are the absolute best. Always willing to step in at a moments notice, not to mention they make us look good!!!

Really appreciate having them a part of our team.
— Michael Lindeman, VP Sales & Marketing at Taylor Morrison
Pete and Reliable have been with us for over 15 years and do great work. They get our culture and have been great business partners over the years.

Please consider using Reliable Cleaning as I can certainly vouch for them here in Austin.
— Charlie Coleman, Division President - Central Texas at Meritage Homes